Stellaaž Attento Zick Zack 180

Stellaaž Attento Zick Zack 180
Stellaaž Attento Zick Zack 180

Brand: Kare Design

Artikkel: 81860

Alamkategooria: Muud

Stiil: Modernism

Kollektsioon: Attento

Värv: Pruun

Materjal: Tamm

Riik: Bosnia ja Hertsegoviina

Suurus: 60.00 x 180.00 x 30.00 cm


Design without expiry date. This shelf unit from the Attento series makes an impact with its combination of clearly defined, timeless forms and solid oak wood. The striking grain and attractive design underline the natural and modern character. With its linear design language, it blends harmoniously into different furnishing environments. This shelf unit can also be used as a room divider and is available in other sizes. All furniture of the Attento series is produced in Europe.

Product information

oiled solid oak


180 x 60 x 30 centimeters (H/W/D)


31 kg

Ei ole laos 599€ 479,20
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