Seinanagi "Kosmopolitan" (Cosmopolitan)

Seinanagi "Kosmopolitan" (Cosmopolitan)
Seinanagi "Kosmopolitan" (Cosmopolitan)

Brand: Kare Design

Artikkel: 79268

Kaubagrupp: Interjöör

Alamkategooria: Seinanagid

Otstarve: Esik

Kollektsioon: Cosmopolitan

Värv: Must

Materjal: Raud, Palisander

Riik: Saksamaa

Garantii: 24 kuud

Kasutusiga: 36 kuud

Suurus: 75.5 x 21 x 33 cm


The doorman for your hats and coats -Ideally placed next to the entrance, the Cosmopolitan coatrack provides the perfect service for visitors and for your own requirements. Always at hand, crease-free and clearly organised into eight sections, the smart design offers you everything you require for a stylish appearance. On the coathangers jackets and coats keep their shape, and there is also a practical shelf for hats, scarves and accessories. All this without unnecessary frills but in top quality and classical design. Other articles in the series are also available, matching the authentic look which combines exclusive sheesham wood with cool iron.

Product information

rack: steel zinc-plated, coat hangers: recycled sheesham wood, incl. 8 coat hangers
max 2.5 kg of cloths per hook


21 x 75.5 x 33 centimeters (H/W/D)


3.9 kg

Toode on laos Tarneaeg: 4 nädalat 145€ 116
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