Pöörlev tugitool "Silmamuna" (Eye Ball)

Pöörlev tugitool "Silmamuna" (Eye Ball)
Pöörlev tugitool "Silmamuna" (Eye Ball)

Brand: Kare Design

Artikkel: 78818

Kaubagrupp: Diivanid ja tugitoolid

Alamkategooria: Pöörlevad tugitoolid

Otstarve: Külalistetuba, Kabinet, Kontor, Baar, Restoran, Kohvik

Kollektsioon: Eye Ball

Värv: Vasevärvi

Materjal: Kunstnahk, Vask, Penopoliuretaan, Teras, Klaaskiud

Riik: Saksamaa

Garantii: 18 kuud

Kasutusiga: 36 kuud

Suurus: 90 x 138 x 88 cm


Modern retro -This impressive swivel chair is a real statement. It s not just the fact that it is familiar from many Hollywood films that turns this cool chair into an icon. In spite of its characteristic formal idiom Eye Ball goes its own way entirely and creates surprises with its refreshing new interpretation of the classic design. Inspired by industrial design, the styling with its rivet details harmonises perfectly with the surface finish in a warm shade of copper, creating a home-like character with its matt glow. This armchair will give any room a very special aura. At the same time the chair is extremely comfortable, offering the possibility of total withdrawal when you want to switch off completely or hold a quiet conversation. Thanks to its enclosing form it also provides sound insulation. Whether it s in a modern loft or urban apartment, this swivel chair creates a stylish aura wherever it is placed.

Product information

steel, fibreglass covered with copper sheet, upholstery: seat cover: back: 100% polyester, face: 100% polyurethane


138 x 90 x 88 centimeters (H/W/D)


35 kg

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