Кресло "Регентство" (Regency)

Кресло "Регентство" (Regency)
Кресло "Регентство" (Regency)

Артикул: 78128

Бренд: Kare Design

Группа товара: Диваны и кресла

Подкатегория: Другие кресла

Назначение: Гостиная

Коллекция: Английский ампир

Цвет: Черный

Материал: Бархат, Манго, Пенополиуретан

Страна: ИНДИЯ

Гарантия: 18 мес.

Срок службы: 36 мес.

Размер: 70 x 98 x 68 см


Drama, baby! - Only the best will do! Those wishing to live elegantly in line with this motto have a taste for flamboyance. That means the dining-room chair can occasionally look like a throne, not to mention a cross between African wildlife and the opulent style of antique seating. The metal covered frame with its splendid ornamentation and fine details is the ideal combination for the classy velvet upholstery of the seat and backrest. This upholstery with its attractive zebra pattern creates additional excitement and an added touch of glamour. Variously-coloured elements such as the back in expressive pink and the exterior of the armrests in royal blue also highlight the dramatic impact made by this chair. The soft upholstery on the armrests and XXL seating area ensure that this exclusive chair is more than comfortable for extended dinner parties. Regency is the perfect furniture for all those whose home is their castle. The name Regency refers to a style movement in 19th-century England, when furniture based on Greek and Roman models became fashionable.

Product information

mango wood, cover: 50% cotton, 50% viscose (velvet) ,upholstery: 100% polyurethane foam 32kg/m³
seat height: 48cm, -width: 45, -depth: 46cm


98 x 70 x 68 centimeters (H/W/D)


20 kg

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Mесячный платеж: 36,52 €
Период 60 месяцев
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