Пуф Velvet синий

Пуф Velvet синий
Пуф Velvet синий

Brand: Kare Design

Артикул: 83479

Подкатегория: Пуфики


Stools, pouffes and seating cubes have become indispensable furnishing accessories. As small items of furniture they are an ideal solution for flexible and mobile interior design. Their regular place is next to the seating group of armchairs and the couch in the living room, because you can put your feet up on them so conveniently. And because they offer additional space for spontaneous visitors. In the bedroom they are smaller and more mobile than chairs, so that you can put your jeans and sweater on them in the evening.

  • A seating cube with a velvety soft cover for the whole apartment
  • A basic for all occasions in your favourite interior colour of blue
  • A lightweight that effortlessly changes its place of use
  • Versatile for use in the living room as a seat and for comfortably putting your feet up
  • Typical of stools: as versatile as they are, they can also be used as a side table or bedside table with a matching tray on top

Product information

rack: polystyrene, cover: 100 % polyester, upholstering: 100 % polyurethane, abrasion test: 100000 Martindale, pilling test: 4, light fastness: 4, rub fastness: 4 fastness to rubbing


41 x 41 x 41 centimeters (H/W/D)


2.05 kg

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